BIPV – Building Integrated Photovoltaic Modules

Altius BIPV

glass-to-glassALTIUS is continuously searching for best solutions in providing sustainability and buildings pro-efficiency using the BMS solutions.

If the roof-top space or the parking lot are not an option but you want to install photovoltaic panels, you can change the windows from your building with active photovoltaic glass-to-glass solution.

Very attractive solution with a good efficiency, this will transform a building from passive to active very fast. With the trend of consuming more renewable energy, this is the easiest solution to install photovoltaic in order to make a change in energy consumption.

Along with changing the lighting equipment from classic to led the building will become a high efficiency construction very attractive to any client.

The costs of energy involves many parameters like transportation, distribution, taxes, etc. but using your own solar power plant all of these will not be in your business plan.

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