Altius Maintenance


The photovoltaic systems are sensitive to dust and rain residual deposits. The accumulation of dust/rain residual deposit leads to a significant power loss.
Altius offers our partners maintenance service consisting of periodic wash-up of the panels. We use special devices for cleaning, adapted to the local conditions.



Photovoltaic_diagnoseALTIUS main focus is to keep the panel’s power production ratio up to its maximum capabilities after years of running. Specialized teams can survey an existing photovoltaic power plant and with specific tools diagnose how the panel is producing. A special laboratory for real condition tests is available at Altius factory located in Giurgiu in order for in-depth diagnosis.

ALTIUS made partnerships with top 5 panel producers that installed in Romania over 50% of total photovoltaic power in order to diagnose and repair in-use panels.

With national coverage, our team can provide quick response time on any request.

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