Off Grid Residential Kits

Altius Off Grid Residential Kits

Altius produce ready-to-install complete solutions for remote locations. The off-grid implies a complete autonomy from the electrical power distribution network but it comes with higher costs due to the rechargeable high-performance gel batteries.

off grid picture

Components of the off-grid photovoltaic kit:

– Photovoltaic panels, with 235-250 W capacity
– Mono/Tri phase Invertor
– Regulator for battery charging
– Aluminum structure for mounting
– Batteries
– Cables, connectors, screws

A good ratio between production/consumption would be at least 3:1 to ensure the day consumption plus charging the batteries for night consumption.

To exemplify, below you have an example of a common household in Romania (1 pcs refrigerator,  1 pcs washing machine, 1 pcs TV, 1 pcs notebook, 1 pcs air conditioning system, 6 pcs standard light bulbs) based on the latest solar irradiation statistics:

(RED – consumption / BLUE – production)