Street Lighting

Altius Street Lighting

ALTIUS is focused in providing energy efficiency solutions from residential to public sector. One of best seller products is the autonomous led-light pillar 2,5 m for residential use at a very competitive price.

Main advantages of using an autonomous system for residential use: no need for wires and connection to an electric distribution network, comparable acquisition costs, 0 costs to power bill, 40.000 hours warranty for the led, 25 years warranty for the structure and panel and battery with 5 years warranty. A fully charged battery can maintain the light running up to 5 days without any need of re-charging.

Public sector is an arising market due to the worldwide commitment to decrease consumption. ALTIUS is targeting hybrid solutions powered from electric network along with photovoltaic panels. Smart solutions provided along with our products can increase/decrease the luminosity of the led is helping in extending the battery life and manage a better control of total costs with energy.

Another domain where ALTIUS products are present is lighted traffic signs.


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