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Altius Roof Top

rooftopALTIUS is continuously searching for best solutions in providing sustainability and fast return of investment for commercial use like retail roof-top, industrial roof-top or an electric power plant near the consumption point.

Based on Romanian solar irradiation and on the 2014 energy costs, a potential client that can consume more than installed producing capacity is the winning solution that has a return of investment within 3-4 years. After the 4th year during the daylight all electricity costs are almost free of charge. Considering a minimal 25 years warranty for the panel life this is a good investment for a long term.

The costs of energy involves many parameters like transportation, distribution, taxes, etc. but using your own solar power plant all of these will not be in your business plan.

Time to deliver a turn-key solution for 0,2 MW (our top sold product) is less than 10 days.

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